Friday, June 2, 2017

Thanks To Trump, For Withdrawing From the Paris Agreement.

I am happy about Trump's withdrawal from this Paris "climate change" agreement. I hope it is a beginning, not an end. This is one of the signature issues upon which I realized that I had been systematical discriminated against, in the current connotation of the word, in which discrimination is a bad thing.

I was interested in the environment at twelve years old and I assumed the global warming nonsense was true at the time, because that what I was hearing, mostly from P.B.S. documentaries and the like. By the time I was fifteen, I had run into Rush Limbaugh and he suggested a book by a scientist dissenter. Trashing the Planet, by honest to goodness scientist Dr. Dixy Lee Ray.

And at various times, especially in college, I'd read some research paper or other.

So, basically, at the time when you'd be making your choices as to higher education and career, I had a interest. I had aptitude too. In fact, I often wish I had had someone to push me to do the harder things.

But, anyway, they didn't want climate scientists. They wanted propagandists. They wanted diversity, gender studies, and chihuahuas you could put in your purse.

So, this applies to a lot of fields. I remember some woman telling me she didn't see anything exceptional in my college entrance essay, but I didn't realize quite what that meant until recently. But climate change will always be a very obvious one for me, as they've been lying about a consensus for a while- as if a consensus would actually matter in science.

Discrimination, in the old connotation of the word- something good, does matter in science. In order to make observations, you have to be able to discriminate. The communists began the politically correct game long ago. They would test their power over people by insisting they assent to untruths. Well, guess what? Your research will suck if you can't tell the truth, and can't point out the obvious, much less discriminate between cause and effect.

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