Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Guilty Need A Goat

And Qatar is it, apparently.

The scapegoat, if I remember correctly, was meant to bear the sins of the tribe. Now, to the West, this crap makes no sense- Qatar isn't any more or less guilty than the rest of them, but obviously the scapegoating impulse doesn't take that into account- I'm sure the villagers knew the goat hadn't done anything.

The attacks in Iran suggest yet another level of complexity. And Turkey appears to ready to back Qatar.

And, despite all of this, the U.S. still has bases in Qatar and it is not clear that the American position has or will change.

ISIS certainly hasn't changed it's position, and it is one many of these players need to pay attention to. It will destroy all of them if it gets strong enough, especially since so many much of it's holy land is in Saudi Arabia and Israel.

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