Thursday, June 8, 2017

Playing God In The Middle East

Recently Chris Byrne popped up and pointed out that Trump has an identifiable management style:

I can say, that I recognize very clearly, the pattern of someone who is used to doing just what I described here... Orienting, deciding, and acting quickly, then failing quickly, deciding and acting again, and iteratively improving... or at least trying to.

He doesn't deliberate, or delegate, once he's already involved directly, or has to make a decision.... He delegates everything possible right up until he HAS to make that decision, and then gets involved directly; makes the decision, without second guessing, and acts on it, until it fails or requires revision. Then he makes another decision, acts on it, and If it fails, it fails... and they fix it again, and again, until you fix all the problems you can find... and hopefully, you're successful.

On the one hand, it all looks like insanity. On the other, it looks a lot like Trump saw the need to roll with the military side of the globalist conspirators.

But he is also himself. And I suspect it is possible that we'll be seeing the 4d chess memes in a few years.

If Trump is doing this 'fail faster' thing, then arguably he's taken this grand tour, and ramped up the cycle everywhere he went. The failing, and flailing, is happening, and happening faster. With everyone, including enemies cycling faster, Trump gains a potential edge over the military cabal. Do they want Qatar isolated like it is now, when their bases are there?

So whatever the military plan was, it will degrade rapidly as the situation in the Middle East changes. Disputes will arise as those formerly in agreement on the narrative try to come up with new strategies. Meanwhile Trump knows his people want an end to wars. He also knows he needs to be able to control the 2018 election cycle in order to get more folks in Congress that will actually play ball with him.

These are all moving targets, but as it becomes more of a 'fail faster' process, it becomes something Trump is familiar with. It becomes his turf. He can outperform those not familiar with his game.

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