Monday, June 26, 2017

The Inglorious Return of PolyLogism

Ludwig Von Mises supposedly coined the term, but he was describing Marxism, and something he saw as essentially an error.

There is but one logic, yet the Marxists held that various peoples and classes had their own logic.

Well, although Mises was right in spirit, he may be wrong in fact.

Case in point- Robert Higgs, who I do believe has actually read Mises, thinks A Kind Word On Behalf Of The Mexicans is needed.

This sort of post actually bolsters Marx's argument because here we have a person who should theoretically know the gospel according to Mises. He should be able to tell that the constant discrimination against whites since the 60's, the violations of our freedom of association and private property, etc... has contributed to a growing sense of injustice.

He might even know that people ought not to be forced to bake cakes for people they don't want to bake cakes for, and shouldn't have to hire people they don't want to hire. Now, I have no doubt he could also hold forth for days on the supposed foolishness of making racist or genderist decisions when hiring people, but he still should be able to say people ought to have the ability do to so, and let the market decide whether or not that was a stupid idea.

But he doesn't. He wants us to give Mexicans a chance. Despite knowing the perniciousness of the state, he's allowing the framing of the state to influence his thinking.


He, and most libertarians are part of an academic class, and they are demonstrating the logic of that class. To the extent that they have any power at all, they derive it from maintaining the status quo that provides academia power. They do not derive any power from admitting in the face of a blooming white identity movement, that hey, yes, we should get rid of these equal housing laws so you guys can have your private property right and freedom of association rights back.

But the logic of the class says keep heaping up insults on that other class. The 'whites'. Keep pretending the people who are being discriminated against are being mean.

It just doesn't make any sense. Is logic, logic? Or are there many logics? If there is one logic, defend it. Why should the libertarian candidate be Gary Johnson, who couldn't even answer the cake baking question correctly? He ran around, probably high for the whole campaign, talking about racism too damn much. Does he not realize most libertarian people are white males?

But if there are many logics, then it's nothing but a fight amongst many identities. And we are going to see this more and more, unless some of these identities- and in this case especially I'll call out think-tank libertarian types- start defending the logic. I know they should, because I learned about freedom of association and private property from many of them.

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The Anti-Gnostic said...

Almost all public libertarians are government employees, employees of non-profits, or scratch out a living selling books and giving speeches to each other.