Wednesday, July 5, 2017

CNN Encourages Us All To Think About Legal Restrictions On Media Companies.

Within two years President Trump ought to be able to move so hard on the media that he'll make Lee Kuan Yew's (the former Singaporean leader) legal moves look trivial.

Whoever made that gif has freedom of speech, and ought not be browbeaten by some 'news' organization that can't be bothered to do actual news.

The media corporations make a lot of money from danger or the illusion of danger. This is why, despite plenty of evidence that Assad does not use chemical weapons on his own people, our media kept repeating the mantra that even Trump believed- at least enough to bomb some military airbase badly. Many of these journalists are supposedly anti-war and much more pro-international than red state/ alt-right sort of people, but rumors of war increase their profits, so they propagandize.

Poor Tulsi Gabbard can't get any air time, being pro-peace and the most obvious stumbling block to Hilary's desire to be the first woman (democrat) president.

Russia, Russia, Russia...

And now, in their arrogance, they go after some dude who made a gif.

They don't respect our rights, but they seem to spend way to much time whining about theirs. But the average American's incentive in trying to get whatever he believes the truth is out there just isn't the same as a corporation trying to make money. President Trump is making some of these outlets so much money he ought to send them a bill, but they are making that money taking advantage of fear.

So, going forward, I don't think we'll see much opposition to Singaporean style laws restricting news agencies and what they can do. Indeed, the more foolishness like this that we see, the more likely there will be grassroots enthusiasm for it.

And there will very likely be more foolishness, since CNN has irked the meme lords.

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