Thursday, July 20, 2017

Make Babies A Requirement

It seems so much of the problem is anything requiring higher IQ encourages us to put off having babies. I can't really imagine have children without some sort of serious life change, because I would need enough money to keep them out of public school. In some ways, this is the folly of screwing with family formation; when I was younger I would have done it, and then spent a lot of youthful energy making it work.

In that way inertia works for you, rather than against. Right now, inertia and my general preference is to be alone. I get lonely sometimes, but ten minutes in a grocery store serves to squelch the desire to socialize.

But anyway, some have made hay about most European leaders being childless. Children should be required.

And once the education bubble blows up, maybe we get back to properly educating the educable, and there again- require children.

Especially with regard to women. With men, as was obvious in the past, we could generally expect they'd go get married. But you give a woman a phd, and suddenly she can't find a man. Hypergamy. Myopic Hypergamy, given the value of the phd these days.

Check for high IQ baby. Make sure the girls know licorice is bad during pregnancy.

Then there's church. I do wonder if even bishops ought to have been married and have had children at some point in their lives. I see too much stupidity. People get normalized to deviancy when normalcy isn't allowed. Because normalcy results in children, so it becomes obvious. But deviancy, and poor thinking leads to some retarded philosophies which then get passed on to the people.

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