Friday, July 21, 2017

Think Tank Libertarians Sing The 'We're Not Racist Song!'

John Lott was the first to bring this to my attention, but others soon followed.

What Nancy MacLean's Democracy in Chains Gets Wrong in Her Zeal to Condemn James Buchanan: New at Reason

Another Misleading Quotation in Nancy MacLean’s “Democracy in Chains” -this one's from Cato, and as you can tell by the use of the word 'another' in the title, Cato, like most of these outfits have spilled pixels more than once on this stuff.

MacLean on James Buchanan: Fake History for an Age of Fake News. You can almost tell this is just from the title, because it's using the 'fake news' meme, and is, obviously, the most friendly to the disenfranchised classes.

Public Choice Analysis a Scheme for Imposing Racist Oligarchy on the USA? Preposterous!. The Independent Institute- good old Robert Higgs.

I wonder if this will help them realize they've got to get this anti-racist crowd out of power and away from sharp implements. I live in a highly diverse neighborhood. I also don't watch T.V., but I can see who has the gigantic TV sets bleeding light out of their windows 24/7. I know these major networks are attempt to incite violence. It is a very simple issue, they thrive on chaos and war. The more crazy stuff going down, the more we are likely to tune into a 24hr news source in the hopes of finding out what's up.

The think tank libertarians tend to be in ivory towers, sharing space with the leftists. They also have spent way too much time signaling to their roommates that they ain't like the Trump supporters. But guess what guys, you don't get to choose. The left has branded thee racist.

They also brand IQ tests racist, and by bringing this up I hope to illuminate how hopeless this is. Libertarian policies would be fair, which means minorities would no longer enjoy the systematic favor they've had since the civil rights era. So, it's going to look bad.

We have to end anti-racism. We have to go back and repeal bad civil rights legislation, and 'fair' housing acts, and all sorts of garbage.

And it would be nice to have these libertarians, for once, to stop playing the disinterested academic, and help carry the fight.

Stop protesting about the stupid label, and point out it has nothing to do with the validity of the policy. Start noticing these leftists aren't playing by the same morality as most of the rest of us are playing with.

In many cases, the people who insult us with the word racist deserve derision. They certain do not deserve positions of power and this should be pointed out, should she be a professor of some kind. It simply would not do to have this idiot teach anyone anything.

This is, at the root, the same attempt to incite violence. Fight back guys. Nobody needs a point by point about how wrong she is.

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