Thursday, August 31, 2017

Bad Faith

The bureaucratic environment allows bad faith. The primary concern are rules. Bureaucrats make rules, more rules, and then they hire another bureaucrat to catalog all their rules. Bureaucrats are often afraid of confrontation and will make ten thousand new rules just to avoid it.

But no matter what you are talking about, whether its religion, or merely work schedules, there will be confrontation. The bureaucrat often causes the bulk of confrontation not to be about the actual issue, but about the rules.

The nobility however, were more concerned about whether or not you were acting in good faith.

Work schedules are a simple one, so I will go over it briefly. You and your supervisor will either get along and agree on how much you've worked, or you won't. Perhaps one of you is operating in bad faith, but more rules will not work. Either you are actually there or not. Frankly, a lot of employers get more time because there are things employees can do during their down time- at the computer- rather than having to take off work to get them done. The entire focus on time is often a bad idea- it's a better idea to focus on tasks wherever possible.

But you often get ten thousand rules and people getting very aggravated, focused on time and the rules, with actual tasks not getting done, because the world is bureaucratic and has prioritized obedience to rules over the reason for the existence of the work in the first place.

Since this inclination is everywhere, we now have an uncomfortable world in which you can appear to follow all the rules, but have bad faith, and we are generally very vulnerable to such creatures.

Additionally, those who have some dedication to actually getting things done often run the risk of having trouble come down on them for not following some rule or another, most often rules that have nothing to do with the task at hand- or worse, rules contrary to reality, like the continuing nonsense over pronouns.

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