Thursday, August 31, 2017

Why there is no Kingdom

If you are Christian or just happen across various media branded as such, you may have heard about the Kingdom. But it never comes. Why?
Well, it was once more real than it is now, and it may be again, but right now many of those very same Christians are an obstacle because they reject any sort of criticism or correction and hide themselves away with their bibles, and imagine they personally will be able to extract an interpretation that will suddenly make things work.

But it turns out we live in this world where the King's subjects need to know how to behave. The sentiment 'No king but Jesus' leads to no king at all. All Christians should be monarchists due to the simple realization that the people need a king, or at least a local lord or something, in order to understand how to behave in relation to a king.

Modern men have no earthly clue. And women are more likely to mistake Jesus for their boyfriend. Back when the Republic wasn't a hulking corpse, there was some sense of aristocracy, at least in the upper house, and I suppose they may have been able to at least infer how they were to behave.

But we've been oh so very progressive since then...

And it seems perhaps the point, all along, was to pervert the Christians way of thinking so that even should he desperately want the Kingdom, he would then proceed in a manner designed not to achieve it. And when you point this out to the person, he shall suggest some version of Deus Ex Machina, intimating that if he just perseveres in doing precisely the wrong thing for as long as humanly possible, God will then show up and fix everything.

It is extremely annoying. Not only the persistent losing, but the absolutely stubborn refusal to think about and respond constructively to criticism.

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