Monday, August 28, 2017

Houston: Aftermath Coming Soon

It is early yet, but I suspect that we will see evidence of bad governance as the floods recede. Of course, harsh accusations will be cast towards the man who has not yet been given the ability to govern, and doesn't even have the particulars of this particular problem in his scope. But we have a 'republican' President, so RACISM and CLIMATE CHANGE will be bandied about while more mundane necessities of a city prone to flooding shall quietly be remarked upon if at all.

I grew up in and near New Orleans. We'd buy extra supplies and wait the hurricanes out. I am inclined to think people are too quick to run nowadays. But it also seems the pumps were more dependable back in the day. You can't do much when the rain is pouring down. Ideally, you keep idiots from building where it's really low, unless they are very rich idiots who can afford rebuilding. And then there's infrastructure for getting the water out.

I don't know much about Houston. But it's in America, has a highly diverse population- which means the politicians have been taking advantage of the churn. So the city is no longer in the hands of its original 'owners' nor their posterity. Instead the politicians have control and can hollow it out. So why bother with storm and flood related infrastructure? It's easier to just replace population with people who don't know better.

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