Wednesday, August 30, 2017

More Militarized Police

Trump is not much of an ideologue, but he does respond well to people who respond well to him. So he's letting the police get military surplus again, mostly because he has no concept of the consequences.

But the good and bad alike get the stuff. And while the stuff is unlikely to be aimed at me anytime soon, I seem to be more aware that the potential exists. Even with the lack of a direct threat- if I know there are APCs and cops in full armor on a certain street, I am unlikely to go there. One does not necessarily need a gun to the face to have one's activities constrained.

This is the continuation of something unfortunate and is probably being encouraged by Antifa and this specter of Nazism the media like to give life to as much as possible. Most normal people are going to think this is good.

It usually takes a surprise in the wee hours of the morning, when some family gets raided because of a wrong address or something, for a middle to upper-middle class family to realize this sort of stuff might not be good. Of course, it also must dawn on you how easy it is to take people peacefully- when they are going to the store, the movies, church, or whatever. The entire approach is wrong.

Another signal that the deep state is still firmly in control.

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