Thursday, January 4, 2018

Climate Normal

I'd like to introduce a new concept- Climate Normal. The reason why I'd like this concept to take off is because too many people appear to act as if weather events that can be expected in a particular climate are somehow due to climate change.

Example: Hurricanes hitting anywhere from Florida to Texas.

I grew up in New Orleans. Hurricanes were definitely an event, but they were expected. Climate normal. Unfortunately, the various governing bodies involved with planning for normal climate events probably haven't done so.

Additionally, the apparent new game, which is convince very large numbers of people to evacuate, is an ecological disaster unto itself. It's more resource intensive, and people run up more personal debt, than the old fashioned way. The old fashioned way was this- the governments kept the infrastructure strong, and the people kept emergency supplies on hand.

Basically, we could always expect flooding- New Orleans is below sea level- but the city generally managed to pump the water out before our supplies ran out.

Now, obviously, it being January in the Northern Hemisphere- cold is climate normal. Blizzards in the North East. Totally normal.

Maybe not fun, but good governance is about planning for the events we know will happen, and having an insurance policy for things we don't see coming.

Unfortunately, this is an era of bad governance, were idiots decree insurance must cover known costs, and everything is mismanaged until something total obvious happens, and then you blame a Republican, as people did with Puerto Rico.

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