Friday, January 5, 2018

Is Bannon Playing A Game WIth The Media?

Out of the thousands of reasons that we should stop electing people, and start looking for a better way of governance, is that people try to dig up dirt on their opponents. This is a huge industry.

This is also why Don Jr. didn't do anything wrong. If the Russian's did have dirt, it is reasonable to find out what it is, use it in the campaign, and use in her way overdue trial. The Democrats would have.

This is not treasonous; it is normal, which means Steve Bannon should know this. In fact, I think Bannon likely does know it.

Because Bannon has been fooling around with politics for a while. He's also been fooling around with media for a while. And the President has his own media skills too...

I don't know what the point is, but it feels like a game designed to jack with the media. Especially with the word treasonous stuck in there- red meat for the IQ challenged left. I know there are intelligent leftists out there, and at least one has tried to explain it to these nutballs on television. It didn't work, obviously.

So Bannon allegedly makes comments that endorse the media's narrative. Meanwhile, since there is no treason, and it still wouldn't be treason if that Russian lady actually did have serious intel on Hilary, Trump and the Trump family are not in legal danger.

I don't know if there's anything right here and now, as in this story being a plant to keep the media from focusing on other things, but in the long term there's this little prediction I made:

Within two years President Trump ought to be able to move so hard on the media that he'll make Lee Kuan Yew's (the former Singaporean leader) legal moves look trivial.

Six months to the day since I wrote that. The media was already inadvertently advertising for a crackdown, and now we've got all these garbage rumors from this not yet published book floating around. People are sick of it already. Eventually someone will step far enough for Trump to go after them personally with existing laws.

To go further, and enact laws against some of this nonsense, Trump needs to get legislators on-board with the idea. This is a little harder- I think the tax bill passed largely because it was something no normal Republican felt he could vote against- i.e. tax cuts are so inherent to even cuck Republicans, that they couldn't freeze Trump out on that one. But fighting media bias has been an issue since there was a media. Trump may not even need to suggest it- surely some congressman could come up with the idea on his own?

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