Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Food Network Fakeness Confirmed

Robert Sietsema testifies that Iron Chef is just a fake as professional wrestling. I stopped watching Food Network, mainly because every time I turned it on, some kind of competition was going on. I believe the same Las Vegas sugar sculpture competition was replayed practically every night the last time I had access to the channel.

The original Iron Chef from Japan was fun from time to time, but the American version is just embarrassing.

Part of the appeal of food related programming is that you actually get to learn something. It is a niche market; that's why my brothers would get so mad at me for trying to watch PBS when there were still Saturday morning cartoons on.

So make up your mind Food Network. Either commit to a smaller but more passionate audience like me, or stop wasting food and make some cartoons. You are trying to go low rent enough to make the cartoon watchers happy, but in the process you are losing your core audience, which is problematic because there are people out there much better at cartoons than you are.

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