Saturday, July 19, 2008

Courts of Justice

So, I was thinking last night, after running in to some interesting but ultimately anti-theistic anarchist stuff yesterday, about the universal existence of courts. The Jews believe that this is one of the seven laws handed down through the Noah to the whole world. Of course, the anarchists talk about taking themselves out of jurisdiction, but they don't realize they are feeding the beast. Get rid of one demon, and seven more will show up and give you a really hard time if you don't have something in that space.

I wonder at what point could one say, okay, the current court system is demonstrably not about justice (take a look at the divorce system, for instance), so we need to start our own courts. How could one do that in the midst of a antagonistic state?

I think a court system could easily benefit from a non-linear leadership structure. No one really needs a supreme court, one merely needs some recourse to appeal in some cases. Instead of the traditional pyramid, there could be many paths, perhaps even randomized paths, though I would assume one would want to place a higher weight on impartiality rather than randomness.

Of course, when one is actually seeking justice, law is simple. It's when we get a bit cloudy on the subject that we get the insanity that comes out of our various legislatures.

The hard part would be becoming visible enough for people to know they had a choice, without incurring the sort of response that would kill the system before it had a chance to be viable.

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