Sunday, July 20, 2008

Life At Full Speed Random

The Pioneer Woman has a bunch of anecdotal evidence that plans are the roadkill of life. Now, I know this well, too well perhaps. Sometimes I wonder, since I know those plans won't work, is there any value in the drive with which people charge after these plans? I guess, ultimately, every case is different. Some athletes, for instance are better off physically because of their training, even if they end up at a desk job; other athletes get injured and could be worse off overall than the mostly sedentary guy down the street who takes a walk every now and then.

And then there are those few athletes who actually get to do whatever it was in their field they wanted to do.

Drive seems important, but I suspect this is a scale issue; drive at the local scale, which means having the will to work at something every day, works. Drive at a large scale, the huge life and/or world changing goals, do little more than cause a warm fuzzy glow, and only contribute to anything if the drive at the local scale is present. And even then, what we thought we were doing turns out not to be what we were doing at all.

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