Thursday, October 25, 2012

Freedom & Health

I have a few problems I wish I could get real help for, but the system, as Dr. Doug McGuff explains above, is simply not set up to actually provide care.  I started going to someone I thought would have a better understanding of how to do things, but the list of things he has offered me that I have refused is what currently dominates my patient history.  I seriously question the value of having a primary care physician at all at this point.  Everything has a trade off, which they don't even think about, and especially don't expect their patients to weigh- a simple one is flu shots.  They guess which of the various strains of flu might be the one to come out.  All vaccinations have various adjuvants in them- they encourage a stronger immune response, but they are also chemicals with their own particular downsides.  Meanwhile what's the most likely potential threat you are trying to avoid?  You get sick for a few days?  Most of the time, the flu they vaccinate you against isn't the one that gets passed around at the office, so you get sick for a few days anyway, you get no protection, and all of the risks of putting foreign substances in your body when you get the shot.

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