Thursday, June 13, 2013

All The Child Needs To Do Is Point: It Is The Emperor Who Is Naked

It sounds like government agents are trying to make Snowden look bad. Snowden doesn't look bad to me. It looks to me like he had what the mainstream would consider the 'good life' and he decided to something that would force him to give it up. The government we have is rather idiotic- a more self-aware government would eschew progressivist hiring policies and make sure everyone involved in these sorts of projects were married with three children. The problem with supporting the anti-family feminist/gay agenda is that a guy like Snowden can look at his life in Hawaii and his stripper girlfriend and say to himself, "You know, this is all very nice, but somehow, it just isn't authentic." And then he goes and does something authentic, which happens to screw up the idiots who wooed him with the fakeness in the first place.

But, again, as I have seen so many domains (especially in nutrition research), the quality of the finger pointer isn't at issue. The government is flat out doing unconstitutional stuff, and has been for years. It doesn't matter if Snowden is a drop out.

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Jim Wetzel said...

Exactly. Suppose Mr. Snowden is actually a double-triple secret agent who's really working for the People's Fascist Ba'hai Jihad Revolutionary Rosicrucian Terror Collective. Our rulers aren't denying their actual crimes against the rotting corpse of our poor dead constitution; they're just mad because said crimes have (once again) been revealed. There's all this talk about "prosecuting" Snowden; well, in a just world, they'd need to find someone who isn't fundamentally lawless, and who has the requisite moral standing, to bring charges. It sure ain't any of Our Glorious Leaders.