Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Ten Thousand Foot View of What Is Going On

There was once an existing structure of property rights. It wasn't always good; oftentimes kings, already having claim to a lot of things would claim even more, but there was at least some sort of sense to be made in that world. Industrialization began to happen, and beginning with the industrialists, people began to realize they could use government structures to take stuff from other people. With the advent of the modern state and its thievery came a plethora of rationalizations for theft. Various flavors of socialism, communism, democracy, etc...

The thieves largely weakened and destroyed the old order in the 19th century, and in the 20th the World Wars pretty much laid out which brands of thieves got to be in charge in various places. Now, all these thieves paid homage to the idea of revolution. They settled into using the assets and capital of the old order to establish themselves, but since they had no idea how to produce anything themselves, they needed to take from the little people too. They also needed to keep the scam going, so they perverted higher education. This was how they preyed upon the young. They told all these kids to go to college, play by the rules, and when you get out there'll be a wonderful career.

Now, before these parasites ruled the world, normal parents would want their children to grow up and be able to produce something. This usually meant having enough land to produce at least some food, or funds to start a small business. Propaganda about college was created so that the thieves could instead feed upon this money. People very often gave the money up, and now of course, many of us go into debt.

Debt signals the end of the game, for there is very little in the way of actual assets and capital. There is still land, but it has been sorely used and a lot of work will have to be done to repair it once the industrial machine has finally exhausted its capacity. Capital used to refer to goods that were used to make consumption goods, but the thieves now pretend capital is just money, mainly because they don't want you to see how little real capital is actually left.

Occupy NOW, the protests in Tunisa, Egypt- the whole Arab Spring thing, this is the protest of young people who have figured out there aren't actually any jobs. It is also proof positive that the one thing the revolutionaries refuse to teach is how to take power away from them. Since the thieves in the United States managed to secure themselves a very interesting and dominant position after the world wars, they are now taking advantage of the rather jejune goings on in other countries in order to secure access to other people's assets.

Syria has apparently long been on the list of places to invade, but nothing good shall be achieved.

This is because we need an end to the thievery, not another spectacle.

Just assume for a moment you are a self-aware parasite. Wouldn't you want your host to survive and thrive so that you could survive and thrive?
There were sometimes kings who could think that one through. None of these thieves seem capable of understanding that. As I mentioned previously, why does the NSA hire someone like Snowden? Now, I think Snowden is commendable for going public, and the NSA is very wrong for what it has done, but I want to point out the NSA isn't just wrong, but stupid too, because a self-aware parasitic organization would have hired someone with three children and strong ties to some community. Yes, I know there are corporations involved too, but that is another indication of stupidity. The self-aware parasite would not be interested in creating so many more parasites- especially since this is an analogy, and they are actually human. The kings wanted to pass on their realm to their heir and find good positions for their other children. This could actually function as a good thing in a society- marriage into the royal family over time would tend to knit a realm together by blood.

I suppose we're to pretend that blood isn't real, and that family formation isn't in the dire state it currently is in, but it will out in the end, when they find out that they've made too many parasites. That's what the problem is with the Occupy Now and Arab Spring kids- they are essentially trained parasites who can see there isn't anything to feed on. They have to grope their way back to a real life. Real life requires assets be wrested away from the thieves, and basic transactions necessary to life out from under their thumb.

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