Monday, March 28, 2016

Antiracism Leads To the Killing Fields of Cambodia

I thought of this over the weekend, and Anonymous Conservative reminded me of it with a reference to Microsoft's artificial intelligence's tweets:

Still, it was enough to make Microsoft take Tay out behind the barn, drop her to her knees and put a bullet in her head.

In Cambodia a particularly nasty sort of commie existed, and these commies had a brilliant plan to make sure their sort of communism took hold- they killed anyone who looked smart. Cambodia is still suffering from this today because taking the smart people out of your gene pool is a sure fire way of making sure your country remains backward for generations to come.

And this is precisely what happens if you follow antiracism to its logical end. Many antiracists already have a foolish assumption that non-whites can't be racist, or that it doesn't matter when non-whites are racist. But what if all the whites are gone? Well, you've knocked the national IQ down, fewer things work properly, and some other group starts looking and awful lot like racists. Even if one race is left, there will be- as there is now- differentation within that race. Inevitably, antiracism will find a target probably among the lighter skinned of whatever race is left, but you never know. The Cambodians shot everyone with glasses, just in case they were smart.

I have heard that there were plans in Chicago to rush the stage and overwhelm Trump. They didn't include murder in their plans because they like to imagine they are sweetness and light, but if things had gone according to their plan, death would be likely. Trump is not a racist. His plans are not racist. But, of course, this does not stop the antiracists. Their chief metric for whether or not you are a racist is not your racism, but your deviance from their ideology. Since all intelligent people will deviate from an increasingly vapid ideology, it follows that all intelligent people will be considered racist.

And if everyone is the same race, then the "-ist" may change but the activity will remain the same.

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