Thursday, March 24, 2016

What Empire? We Don't See No Empire!

Seitske, a Dutch woman who lives in Beirut, has to swear she's not an American in a Lebanese bank:

This begs for some explanation. American law (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) apparently stipulates that her overseas citizens will have to pay taxes over funds that are in banks abroad. Since about half of the Lebanese population also carries an American passport (this is my estimate, maybe it is because of the circles I frequent but I do not know many Lebanese who do not have a foreign passport, most often an American one), they have asked Lebanese banks to identify their American clients.

Seitske has lived in Lebanon for quite some time.

This is empire level interference. Foreign countries are supposedly sovereign in various ways, but they've got their banks enacting American law?

Why not just demand tribute? Obviously, one could go overboard, but a light tribute would end up being cheaper than keeping up with all this paperwork.

Or to be serious, can we stop this?

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