Friday, April 1, 2016

The Privileged Gender Attacks Trump

One of the things I am seeing this past week or so is that we are on to a certain sort of American woman against Trump. These sort of women are usually attractive enough to have something approaching privilege, with a lot of hungry men willing to accept whatever blather they come up with as Holy Writ.

Uncle Bob has video up of some chick who got maced in the face.

Vox Day has been commenting on Michelle Fields quadruples down, in which it appears she's just pressing charges because people don't believe her (let's hope the judge isn't susceptible to her reality distortion field), and now there are a passel of women wanting Lewandoski fired.

And thirdly was Trump on abortion, where he was logical in an interview and said there would likely be punishments for women who had abortions. Not women who have had abortions, mind you, but later, in theory, if and when he could make abortion illegal, that there would be then some sort of fucking penalty for doing some illegal shit. Trump actually went back on that and released a press statement saying the penalties would be aimed at those performing the abortion.

So, if you de-politicize this and jump the hysteria down a notch or twelve, and then ask yourself, what kind of cost does this type of behavior have on America day in and day out? Trump is used to getting things done, and his mind naturally goes to how you get things done. You want abortion illegal? You damn sure better be okay with women being punished in some way. Otherwise you are a bankrupt, compromised, etc... We all know this isn't Trump's top issue, which is one of the reasons the media was able to mess with him on it, but it is telling that the sort of politicians who like to make it a top issue would come out against what Trump said. It is the difference between a con artist and a guy who might actually get something done.

And this anti-Trump hysteria is also indicative of how sapping this stuff must be in the economy. The cost of actually getting anything done must go up astronomically, because all productive action has to be taxed to subsidized this behavior. So, not only are you getting the formal costs, taxes, and regulations that we are all aware of, once you have some of these privileged women in certain positions, your business will be absorbing the costs of them maintaining whatever narrative it is that they want to hear about themselves.

We aren't just suffering from The Narrative, but from many narratives, all of which cost.

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