Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Company of Losers

There's some camaraderie to be found among particular losers. Those who figured a few things out, maybe even managed to get one or two domains in their life handled. Share notes, strategize, etc... This is all realizing the deck was stacked against us, but that our enemies aren't omniscient nor invulnerable.

Then there are those other losers. The delusional ones. This weekend shall be awash in delusion.

The delusional losers are like an energy stealing black hole. They need all of their own energy and as much as they can steal from you to maintain the delusion, that they are winning. Some of them are truly useful idiots, serving the enemy with more élan than a real enemy soldier.

Often, it seems, if it weren't for the delusion we could put up a decent fight, or at least build places to live as we want to. The land, at least so far, still responds to cultivation. But no, the delusion requires an 'engagement' with the modern world, which in reality probably means the loser is comfortable losing because he gets some sense of security, some benefits, perhaps a retirement, or a certain quality of life. Not that what's promised is necessarily coming, or necessarily better than what can be achieved elsewhere, but part of the delusion is an inordinate love of certainty.

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