Friday, July 15, 2016

The Need For A Very Big Closet

The homosexuals talk about 'coming out of the closet,' but it should be noted a great many things besides homosexuals have exited the closet. Abortion used to be banned. Rich women could fly to other jurisdictions; smart women might be able to get one and get away with it. But the stupid ones would get caught- and about a thousand times more important, the advocates sorely needed to be caught.

We need a big closet.

I don't want a big government. We've already got one of those, and I can see the bad it does. I am not dumb enough to give a new set of targets and tell it to go after them. But there are people who are brainwashing children right now. Breaking them down in front of class, getting them to hate themselves for their white privilege. A teacher like that needs to go to jail.

I am getting more and more sure of this. My leanings are mostly libertarian, but we've got these promoters- progressive activists really, who are ultimately worse than whatever they advocate. The cavalcade of misfits once lived out their misfit lives largely out of view of our families.

I think about how much love and hate have been interchanged. A simple impulse to defend your own people- stop importing people who tend to blow up your own people- this is supposedly hate. Meanwhile, the people who supposedly have a message of love go to Trump rallies in order to attack people.

We are nearing complete breakdown here. Of course, there are even larger closets, otherwise known as entire countries, into which we can return some of the foreign fools.

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