Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Why So Many Vegans On Youtube?

I am beginning to suspect maybe Youtube actually pushes this in some way. I look at all sorts of things- videos on Japan, van or RV travel, fitness, etc...- and here there and everywhere someone is going vegan.

Veganism is will retard you. Retard is an actual word you can look up, and you can see I am using it correctly. This retardation can go further into degeneration and even various diseases if the lack of vital nutrition continues long enough.

Now, this is evident on Youtube. If you find a vegan, and he or she looks reasonably good, you'll find they've just started the diet. The lack of nutrients- the ones found in animal products- hasn't shown up yet, but they are feeling pretty good because they stopped eating crap- at least on camera. They feel the need to show themselves eating healthy stuff. So, you can pull this stuff off for months, maybe a year or so, if you had a good base to start with, and you are sticking to the good stuff. But eventually you'll run out of B12, choline, and a lot of other stuff. Additionally, since these guys don't realize a dozen bananas might just jack your sugar up sky high, there's a good chance insulin resistance and diabetes will appear.

Long time vegan Youtubers are obviously messed up in the head and often look like they've contracted some sort of disease. If you look up Ryan Boundless's channel, you can note the image in the banner, and then note the trainwreck in the video. You can also note the extreme negativity.

Frankly, you don't want to be that guy. You want to eat meat just to avoid being that guy.

I do realize there's some idea out there that veganism is better for the planet. Bull. A large chunk of this planet is or was, before we screwed it up, grasslands. Grasslands need herbivores. Every ecological system has animals in it. We need to repair the ecological systems.

If veganism becomes policy, then we'll have to put a lot more land under row crop conditions, and reduce the available land for wild animals.

In fact, row crops for vegans becomes killing fields for other organisms. It's a lot more killing too, because the animals are just not wanted there, whereas, while a cow is in the process of making one of the most concentrated plant based products in the world- milk- it can share it's pasture with a whole variety of animals.

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