Thursday, October 27, 2016

Let's Have A Party To End Voting, Especially Yours

Ad Orientem linked to Jennifer Rubin's Sane Republicans should pack their bags and flee the GOP, which is, in almost every way, stupid.

All Trump give us is a small possibility of something different, meaning that an even smaller possibility of something good actually shows up in the math.
Previous to Trump particular elites were running the party. Now there's a slim chance those guys get pushed out.

Meaning there's actually a possibility for a functioning party for the people.

I had actually written the post on anti-intellectualism before I saw this idiotic opinion piece. Complete different idiots halfway round the world, were opining on this leftist talking point- a talking point the Washington Post no doubt required Ms. Rubin to include in her writing.

There are plenty of intellectuals that the left refuses to countenance as actual intellectuals- though sometimes they let them hang around university to provide the appearance of tolerance for different ideas. But the communist professors still get more air time than the monarchists or the Austrian economists, though even the communists must be getting tired of this zombie socialist republic. The old guard was obviously more intelligent, and if they were still alive they could take refuge in the idea that they didn't know- although Mises could point out a little book written long ago.

But anyway,

You want a party? Let's have a party. The objective should be an end to voting. I have already not voted for a while now. I think it is time for people like Ms. Rubin to not vote too.

On the alt-right, people often refer to Trump as the god-emperor. A joke, perhaps, but a long time ago Christians knew the deal. You work with what you got. Constantine, the Merovingians, etc... They figured out who held power, formalized the power structure, and then prevailed upon those people to better society. Breeding helps, but you've got to start somewhere, and we've spent quite a long time being rather dysgenic. The bureaucrat has been at the apex of society for too long now.

This appeal to morality is, in fact, an appeal to the bureaucrat's myopia. He sees not his own faults, but the faults of everyone else. He is not an owner- indeed he eschews ownership as an organizing force, preferring to imagine his expertise and objectivity are in some way unassailable, even as he instinctively insulates himself from the consequences of his actions. An example, with regard to the issue at hand- Mitt Romney. Romney was uniquely responsible for squelching Ron Paul supporters- rule changes, rudeness, complete unwillingness to compromise- certainly an anti-intellectualism as well, given amount of work put out by the Austrian school for all these years. Why would you expect the next contender to bother?

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