Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Lie in 'Anti-intellectualism'

In the handful of annoying narratives the left has is this one of anti-intellectualism. A little truth, but a big lie. The little truth is that the people do get tired of certain intellectuals, but this is because intellectuals have been known to get up to stupid things. The big lie is all dissent is anti-intellectualism. There was Ron Paul- now there's his billionaire, less intellectual cousin. To some minds they aren't related, but to the leftist mind, they've both been called racist lunatics.

There's plenty of intellectualism. Plenty of expertise. Many of us want that intellectualism and expertise to be used as it properly should be. But for so long now the left ignores or belittles anything that disproves their notions. So if there is anything driving dissent down to the lowest common denominator, it is the left.

There were, are, many intellectual paths we could take, but you don't want them. You keep saying violence is not the answer, while carefully crafting a situation in which violence is the only answer. Of course, you expect to be safe and stay in power but history doesn't suggest you will be. Whether it looks like end of colonial Haiti, or the end of the Soviet Union, the Republic is dead, and you will be forced to stop in some fashion. Actually, ya'll should vote for Trump, so ya'll can pretend like it ain't rigged while Trump has to deal with four years of pure crap. He might make it somewhat functional again, and hand you back something with which you can go on trying to re-engineer man into the good little socialist being you want him to be.

I felt some disquiet a long time ago. Iceland, I believe. Certainly later in Europe. The commie and anarchist flags. People younger than me marching in the streets, promulgating- as solutions to their problems- ideas older than me; ideas thoroughly disproved, ideas that helped cause the problems that led them to the streets to wave their damn flags.

To detach from this pendulum altogether would be helpful.

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