Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Voting Trouble For Christians

I, long ago, figured out it was okay not to vote. I won't vote Democrat. I listen to the Republican candidates and dismiss them as they say they will violate the Constitution on this or that issue. The Libertarian party guy is not really a libertarian- certainly not constitutional. He thinks if you have a bakery business then you should bake the wedding cake, regardless of your personal convictions about the realities of marriage.
There is something evil about party politics- you form a party for a platform, but over time, you pick candidates to keep the party alive and sacrifice the platform.

But I digress.

Many Christians still think voting is what they are supposed to do. Many Christians also hate Trump. A visceral dislike of the man which is actually sinful. Trump's sins are merely the pretext- they hate the sinner. They hate Trump, most likely because Trump is undeniably successful.

Instead of being able to reason out why voting is not good, they are trying to rationalize not voting for Trump. They try to make him out to be a moral monster. Well, if he doesn't win, Hilary will. The moral monster metric is no good. Some want to go back in time and grab another Republican candidate. May I reminder you they are politicians, many of whom engage in all sorts of immorality? It is thought that a good chunk of these people in D.C. are in D.C. precisely because they are monstrous enough to be blackmailed.

So we've either got this long list of Republican candidates, few of which ever should have been voted for, or we've got this one guy.

And if you are basically just upset that it's this one guy, you might be in this weird situation where you are about to sin under your own conscience, although the action itself is perfect just and fine.

Additionally, it is being noted among a lot of Americans, that people who hate Trump hate us. The Democratic party can hold most of these America haters, just as it always has. But this smaller group won't be able to stay in the Republican party, especially as politicians realize they have to act like Trump to get elected.

A purgatory of sorts.


Nathaniel said...

Maybe it's the opposite of why so many people find homosexuality easy to accept, despite the sin. It is supposed to be disarming. Non-threatening, effeminate males who just like fashion and wont compete for your women.

August said...

They've got middle class myopia. Trump has been above them all their lives, yet he exhibits blue collar attitude, which is probably a must if you are doing real estate deals in New York.

Especially if they trend a bit higher, towards upper middle class, something wonky happens, and being ungentlemanly becomes the worst sin. The gentleman must not offend, so he can't make any sort of fuss about homosexuality, especially since it has been, historically, an upper middle class thing. Trump is sometimes ungentlemanly, and they are too blind to their biases to see it has often been a useful tactic.