Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Shockingly Stupid Science Continues

From, can too much fatty food harm children's brains?

Scientists compared the brains of juvenile and adult mice fed either an extremely high-fat diet or a more typical diet. The fat-rich diet contained high levels of saturated fats.

After just four weeks, young mice fed the high-fat diet showed signs of impaired cognitive function. Problems materialized even before the mice started to gain weight.

Mice have different diets than humans. Mice also have smaller brains. Brains have a high composition of fat, so it follows that children should have more fat than young mice.

We can start with milk, the human kind, and note there is plenty of fat. Additionally we can look at this tiny little newborn babies and figure out the are going to need the materials that a big adult human brain is composed of in order to actually grow a big adult human brain.

Why the hell does anyone do this stupid science anymore? Worse, why do people pay for this, and why doesn't the article I linked to point any of this out? It isn't fair and balance to let idiocy continue to rule the day. This is just stupid. Kids need lots of DHA, cholesterol, and a variety of fats- including various saturated fats.

Instead some idiots are paying for research that enlightens no one. This isn't science; it is mouse abuse. The only thing we have learned is that forcing mice to eat non-mouse diets causes them damage. Did we not know that already?

It is particularly sad and pathetic because, in humans, there are high-fat diets that are actually therapeutic and help fix damaged brains. The ketogenic diet is good for epilepsy and certain forms of brain cancer. Now, that means we can use it to help heal a brain. The protein levels at therapeutic diet levels are probably too low for optimal human body growth, but in terms of the brain itself, I have no doubt a human child's brain would develop quite well on such diets.

I do wish I could berate these people more. This is so profoundly foolish and unscientific- and the article not journalistic in the least, but likely a mere rehash of a press release. I haven't heard these people go off narrative once, so I don't hold them in high regard.

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