Thursday, May 11, 2017

Trump Knows His Campaign Was Surveilled, And That We Need The F.B.I. To Do Investigations Of Real Criminals

Trump actually mentions surveillance quite often. Susan Rice admitted there was surveillance, mostly because she was trying to say she didn't do anything illegal. Somebody leaked this stuff to the media. And since America has gone down the tubes, she may actually be right- that she could have spent much of the past two years or so spying on Trump legally.

Anything that looked juicy to Rice and her investigators (as well as whatever was drug up by dirty politics people) is being pushed in front of the press as if it hasn't already been vetted and found to be nothing. Other people are handing out evidence of actual wrongdoing, but F.B.I. (not to mention the media) can't actually do real investigations?

We aren't just talking about Democrats here. There's a lot of bad people on both sides, but Trump doesn't happen to be one of them. He isn't beholden to the people who have been perverting the system.

I don't know that Comey was doing much against the President, but what is very clear is that he wasn't doing anything for the President- nor for the American people. Anthony Weiner's laptop alone should get at least a handful of people in jail, yet there's been nothing. Trump's presidency should have green lighted a plethora of investigations at the F.B.I., especially if Comey wanted to stay.

A related note, at least indicative that Trump wants some investigations: Trump launches commission to investigate voter fraud. You'd think we'd already have some sort of organization in place for this sort of thing, but apparently Trump has to create some sort of commission. We've got clear examples of this happening, and it makes all sorts of sense to see how prevalent it is.

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