Thursday, May 25, 2017

Perhaps There Are Limited 'Fixes' With Bureaucrats

I was thinking that my brother had told me a story that bolsters my idea that Landrieu's actions don't have much to do with his stated intentions. To recap, he's trying to maintain his position as mayor. Probably not trying to step up in the state, because then he'd run into a lot of people who didn't like his actions.

But anyway, my brother's wife wants to be closer to family, so he's got an eye out for real estate, even though he isn't necessarily seriously considering New Orleans proper. He heard of someone renovating some house in the ninth ward, and then the city assessor stepped in and valued the place astronomically- so, basically, you've got to be some rich 白左 idiot to live in the ninth ward now. So, this is not the sort of thing that is helpful to the remaining black population in New Orleans.

It isn't really that helpful to the city either, even if you were to take a very different view and think about trading populations until you had a lot of producers. The rich 白左 are into the local movement, so you also have to bring some poorer folk- less ideological, more industrious. But if they can't pay ninth ward taxes...

That made me think about this- what if bureaucrats were rewarded for every business 'under their care' running in the city? Right now, presumably, an inspector may get more kudos for shutting someone down rather than working with them to keep them running. But, if you want the city to prosper, you want more businesses running. In fact, with what's coming in terms of automation, a smart politician should be actively rewarding any business person willing to put up with employees. And any business willing to have a brick and mortar location in your jurisdiction.

If there is a physical location, and there are employees, then there will be more of a local economy.

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