Thursday, May 11, 2017

Personal Dislike Skews Your Analysis

Yesterday there was this:

That said, this was politically stupid and yet further evidence that Trump is in way over his head. He has repeatedly demonstrated that he is utterly clueless about how Washington works and is ignorant of things that any graduate of an 11th grade US History/Civics class would be expected to know. That's bad enough. But where the hell is his staff? Is there no one who could explain how these things are handled? Namely you send a friend of a friend with a discreet and strictly verbal message to Comey giving them a polite tip that the President is not thrilled with their job performance and it would be best if they wrapped up their ongoing investigations as soon as practicable and consider an early retirement "for family reasons" sometime after the new year. If they don't take the hint then they can still be dismissed, but ONLY after the Russian investigation is resolved or shown to be going nowhere.

And today, from a different source Trump Makes Himself Look Guilty:

By firing the FBI director who was in charge of the investigation of the Trump camp's connections to Russia, the president did not douse the flames licking at his administration; rather, he fed them. He instantly turned a problem into a calamity.


I actually expected to see something wacky because I saw John's post first, before I saw the news stories and read the three letters that comprised the official firing. But there is nothing messed up about this. This is what Trump voters, and anyone with any sense wants.

The Syria bombing was screwed up. Even if it was part of some grand strategy, you still have this stupid anti-Assad (and anti-Russian) narrative in the mainstream, and you still have 70 IQ muslims in the Middle East thinking that if they can just kill some kids and blame it on the local government, they can have that government bombed and implement the Caliphate. It's bad stuff. Objectively bad.

The health insurance stuff isn't good enough, and is probably an attempt to hang Trump on the fallout that is coming. Obamacare is broken, and this doesn't change the brokenness. Make everything over-the-counter, let's order diagnostics without having to go through a doctor, force the medical industry to have up-front pricing, etc... There are already innovations at the fringes- deregulate and we could have some awesome stuff in two years. Keep what you are currently doing up, and it'll make more sense for me to get a passport and go to another country for health care. In many cases health care travel already makes more sense than putting up with what is going on in America.

There are places where Trump has made bad calls, and situations where he may be getting scammed because he doesn't realize how D.C. works, but this is not one of those cases. Instead, I think these posts are examples of people with a strong personal dislike of the President, who are then unable to recognize how careful Trump was to do this one right.

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