Friday, June 9, 2017

Elections Do Not Equal the Will Of The People Getting Done

As it was shown to us in 2008 when two unacceptable candidates both accepted the outrageous bailouts that all of America was against, so it is shown today in the U.K.

Theresa May was against Brexit, but professed to be willing to do the will of the people, yet now- after the election she called- she is in a weaker position. Of course, she is weak generally, because they will assume a position of weakness, almost pathologically not recognizing their own strength over a fading EU.

But technically, she now has more political cover to screw this up. Or at least her party does.

So, perhaps we'll see a Trump like character in the U.K. in approximately 8 years- though it would be much more satisfying if the queen would do something. But the poor old royal family must feel hostage, since they basically are hostage, to that pathetic parliament.

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