Friday, July 28, 2017

Police Your Caste

This phrase emerged as I tried to figure out a good way to comment on the torrent of sad libertarian posting on MacLean:

I don't think the mountains of text written about her in recent days has done any good.
If you are in her caste, you need to fight her. Make racism a dirty word. Think about it- you don't need the word racist to describe bad policy. It is only ever ascribed as motivation for actions, and those actions can be analyzed themselves.
She deserves ridicule and ostracism, and the caste needs to start policing itself, before things get worse. You do realize that, in the law, white men have been systematically discriminated against for longer than I've been alive, yet the nut jobs out there keep saying the structural racism is aimed at minorities?
If academics can't police their own, they will find themselves- at the very least, defunded. And it becomes more and more likely it's going to be the whole caste, the longer this stuff goes on

And in response to Samizdat:

I have seen reference to this over and over, but what I’d really like to see is a fight where it would count- against her. If you are in her caste, ostracize her. In other words, police the caste. Fight back there. But the torrent of upset over this stupid girl comes after plenty of signalling to this same caste by many of the same people about how they aren’t ‘racist’ like the Trump supporters. I’ve seen various flavors of this from many libertarian outlets.

The word racist ought to be generally banned from discourse. They are only using the word because their ideas are terrible, and frankly, I think the media is trying to incite violence. It doesn’t even work as a descriptor anymore, because actual racists are capable of coming up with good policy, and if any policy is racist- it is also bad for more basic reasons. Like we need extra adjectives to apply to murder, socialism, etc…

So, if Munger is in the same university as she is, and the administration is not made aware of the fact that she is a big fat liar and not fit to be teaching anybody anything- he isn’t doing his job. I don’t care how good his internet posting is.

If they don’t police their own caste, someone else eventually will, and it won’t be pretty. A few generations from now, we may see school children being led through the ruins of Harvard. They will stop at various locations to hear that Ozymandias poem and perhaps the story of Babel, and be warned about the hubris of these academics.

Today, Ad Orientum commented on Scaramucci's vulgarity and the phrase immediately came to mind again:

Scaramucci may function as a warning- the D.C. insiders need to police their caste. That is, kick out the bad guys and clean up their act before people outside the caste have to come in and break things up. Scaramucci is evidence we are willing to do it, but he is also evidence that if it is done by outiders, it is going to be much more devastating and indiscriminate than if it is done by insiders.

Might be worth repeating. I don't know how bad things need to get, but I do know things only need to get a little bit better- in other words, if people can go out and make their own lives without being screwed with, or forced to be part of these globalist experiments, then they are very likely to go work on building their lives, their communities, etc... So, if these morons would police their own caste, many of them might be able to keep their jobs and position, while those who would otherwise storm the barricades go do more productive things with their time. The only reason why productive people get involved in politics in the first place is because they are choking the life out of us.

An example: Representative Greg Walden. This jackass- and by that I don't mean he is a Democrat- says it is time from Congress to legislate the rules of the internet. More like it is time for this jerk to go. They are taking this stupid net neutrality game, and running with it. And I am sure one of the reasons they want to do so is so they can control the narrative again. CNN lies about Trump or Trump Jr. and in less than a week /pol/ has a plausible alternative story up. Right now twitter and facebook's censorship doesn't really work unless you want it to- i.e. you are trying to live in a safe space where reality doesn't intrude.

But ideally, his own fellow Congressmen should shut this punk down. How can anybody pull this bullshit after legislation (Obamacare) blew the ever living hell out of healthcare?

Police your caste.

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