Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Pro-Growth (Rather Than Neutral) Policies A Problem For Nationalists

The modern state has been marked from day one, whether Communist or not, with pro-growth policies. Industrialization was the name of the game back then, but it continues. With debt as money the need for growth has become even more indelibly marked on society. If you've got to have growth to make the payments, and you've got to make the payments to keep money in circulation.

It led to war before, it may again. I also don't know whether or not the right can maintain its existence with a modern state. Wouldn't the need for growth lead us right back to where we are now?

It is a very simple plan- if you are for globalism, you just wait for some nationalistic dispute to break out and give war a chance. Then, point to globalism as peace.

Exploitation as world peace. That's the ticket!

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