Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Eulogy for the Googles

I first became aware something was wrong a while back when I decided I wanted to learn to read Japanese. I ended up reading someone's tumblr- he called himself JA-dark. I assume he is a he, and so does the language, if we aren't trying to screw with it. But every so often he'd link to something that suggested that someone was trying to screw with the language. Humans tend to try and convey some sense of reality with language, so differences are expressed about men and women. So it was somewhat worrying.

An example- say you have an A.I. that has been engineered to be totally blind to gender differences? What do you have? Well it could be life threatening in certain cases, but even in benign cases, you basically just have a poor product. Google makes money by selling ads. There are huge differences between men and women when it comes to shopping.

Anyway. I eventually had to stop reading JA-dark because Trump ran for president and this guy went bat-shit crazy. Judging from recent events, probably everybody went nuts. It was confusing at the time, since Trump wasn't really conservative- but they just refused to listen to what he was saying and turned him into an orange flamed avatar of their hate.

Every time you see Trump track right, it ain't because he started out that way, but because he keeps getting burned by you bastards. Probably could have had your single payer health care if you weren't such dicks. Damn sure could have gotten out of these stupid wars by now if you could cooperate with the alt-right rather than trying to no platform them.

But yeah, I remember hearing just recently that some big conventional business figured out buying ads on the internet did nothing for them. I can't remember the name, but it was in the news. I bet other companies hear about it.

Sure, it still looks like a gigantic leviathan business that'll never go anywhere, but it'll go.


Anonymous said...

Yup. Ja Dark always showed his shitlib side (minorities/womenz/anyone can code! programming posts) but mostly was able to keep focused on quality language thoughts/systems/processes When Trump came along, quality language learning posts went to the wayside. His mind got completely wrapped up in his politics. Still sad he killed his blog as I always looked forward to the occasional language learning post.

August said...

I kept noticing too, that I would consistently guess wrong on various kanji- that is, I couldn't discriminate well enough between kanji- 休 or 体 for example. So If I guess wrong, I put the kanji of whatever it was I guessed right next to the one I am trying to get right.
This way I learn to discriminate between the two kanji. It would probably be better if I could just bring up cards side by side, but I don't worry too much because sentence context ought to help me too.

I think this idea was brought by Ja Dark's forays into egalitarian nonsense. Anti-discrimination means you don't get to have any other goals, ever. You can't learn Japanese, or run a successful company- everything must be turned to mush.