Friday, August 4, 2017

Hiroshima and Nagasaki- They Appear To Be Thriving Cities

A while back the Dark Lord was trolling SJWs with this meme:

There's the obvious point, and then there's the not so obvious one. How did the Japanese do it? I've managed to find a few youtube videos by searching with the kanji for the cities- and they look like nice cities.

People are remembering the bombings- which is a good idea. We shouldn't do that again. Especially not when we are getting played by communist sympathizers. The culmination of American involvement in both World Wars- we made the world safe for Communism.

But there is also a story of rebirth there. I think, largely due to anti-nuclear power propaganda in the 70s, we are meant to believe these cities continue to be barren, radioactive husks. The story of the rebuilding, of making these two cities habitable again, would shine a great light on many of our misconceptions.

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